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Monday, January 02, 2006 


Have finally recovered from New Years eve/day. Tried going out on new years day after finally getting home mid afternoon, but apparently I am just not the hardcore drinker that half of the town is. My friend was out for thirteen hours, but she stayed home on new years eve. God knows how, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I just wish everything didn’t smell so much of smoke. Anyway, in the general spirit of it all, here are my new years resolutions:

  • Not get overdrawn on my bank account due to frivolous spending of imaginary funds on sites like ebay and amazon.
  • Pay phone bills as soon as I get them- not two weeks and six angry letters later.
  • Not kiss other men on the neck in front of present boyfriend. Or maybe not kiss other men at all? Will have to revise that one when I decide.
  • Be more decisive.
  • Be horrified rather than mildly impressed when I don’t stop drinking for thirteen and a half hours straight.
  • Drink less and less often.
  • ALWAYS carry a condom.
  • If said condom is brought, remember where I put it before I got into bed.
  • Revise rather than sitting on the internet trying to think of some decent resolutions.
  • Learn how to head bang.
  • Make sense in most, if not all, conversations.
  • Be nice to everyone (I’m already ahead with this one hehehehe).
  • Take part in some sort of charity. Maybe help in a place that gives soup to the homeless or similar.
  • Keep a boyfriend for a period of at least two weeks.
  • Psycho-analyse people less.
  • Learn how to fly an aeroplane.
  • Date someone with their own plane.
  • Sabotage someone’s wedding. Probably christine’s.
  • Be less happy, am sure its not good for me. I could die or something from grinning too much.
  • Fall in love. Not just lust or like. Actual love. Somehow I think this one may take longer than a year to be fulfilled.
  • Not sit by the phone for anyone ever at all. Ever ever ever ever.


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