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Sunday, May 28, 2006 

Plasticity, single life, and suicidal tendencies

I’ll cry it from the roof tops with a smile on my face and joy in my heart, then I’ll down my double vodka, turn around, and fall backwards. It’s a double edged sword, to quote, trample, and obliterate a cliché. See, the thing is, no matter how happy you are, you still hate going home to an empty bed, being able to mark in your diary when the last time you have sex was, and the realisation that it was nearly two months ago.

And of course it isn’t (and this is a direct quote from Stacey, not cliché) all about sex. But when you don’t have to go without for longer than two days at a time, then yes, you do have the luxury of saying that. She is, of course, completely and utterly correct. But then, you could also say that life isn’t all about breathing. Breathing isn’t even something you think about until you stop being able to do it. And then it sort of catches up with you a little bit, you know? You start feeling a little light headed, you get tense, and you really can’t stop thinking about all this breathing you aren’t doing. A slightly exaggerated case I’ll admit, but the results are pretty similar.

Let’s put this in language that any lame brain can understand: being single, in a word, sucks. It’s wonderful; I adore it, the freedom, the not having to worry about your boyfriend getting jealous, the not getting jealous yourself. All of that, great, isn’t it? But if it’s so fantastic, why are all these people going out there, being single, and trying to pull people? Surely if you were so fucking ecstatic with your status, you wouldn’t do anything to risk it? Yeah you can date and be single, I’m good at that. But if the date went really well, really really well, then you’d want to see that person again and enjoy their company for a second date, and then maybe a third.

And suddenly you end up realising that you’ve just spent the last however long with someone and that you’re going to get married. You loved being single so much, so you’re starting to wonder what happened to that a little bit. Not that you’d risk this utterly fantastic person for being able to sleep wherever you wanted, and eat pizza at two am with the random drunk person that you met five minutes ago who also didn’t pull this evening. Being with this person is worth more than that.

Who, more than me, has made being single into such an art that it’s practically a religion? I love my life. I adore it, and I wouldn’t give it up for anyone. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel slightly put off when I’m sitting on the bus alone, going home while my friend sits behind me and texts her boyfriend. You realise that the closest you’ve come to intimacy that night is a guy in the seat opposite you blatantly trying to see up your, admittedly too short, skirt.

You’ve gone to all this effort, tried to turn yourself out to look half decent, and you’ve got no one who cares. I don’t begrudge her having a boyfriend to text; I just wish that it could be as effortless for me too. I won’t give up being single right now. But that isn’t because I don’t miss the companionship. It’s for practical reasons like me having exams for the next month, and then me leaving for Germany five days after the exams finish.

I enjoy the life style, and I know that changing it is beyond stupid. I know that it isn’t all about sex, and that I’m still far too young for it to be of any consequence at all if I spend a few months dating a few people rather than in a proper relationship. Yeah, rational thought occasionally does take a detour through my brain. But I have my cracks; I can’t be vivacious, crazy or drunk all the time.

Sometimes I have to sit here and wish that I was more “plastic” so that if I did something as demanding as expected someone to buy me a drink, they wouldn’t run off after someone else as attractive, but less demanding. Call me sexist, or a gold digger, or just plain ugly, but that’s what I expect, and that you wouldn’t expect that too… I’m not sure whether to be insulted, or well, insulted. It’s actually pretty hard not to be.

So, while I keep being demanding and over confident in my appearance, I’ll also have to be sad. Sad that I’m alone, lonely, and hating coupled up people everywhere. I don’t hate you personally, I just don’t think that I want to leave the house or be subjected to your happiness for a while. It’s all very anti-social, but fuck it, if I’m going to be miserable, then I intend to do it properly.

This is me crying it from the roof tops. “I’m siiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggglllllllleeeeeee!” And it’s great. I love it, but yeah, sometimes turning around and seeing what it would be like to just fall backwards, that doesn’t seem so bad.

P.S. this is more metaphorical than real. I don’t hang out on roofs, and it isn’t in my nature to be suicidal.

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amen sister. I feel exactly same way that you do. I don't even know how to be single, and I almost feel embarrassed because I'm single...Like people think there is something wrong with me because I don't have a boyfriend (broke up 2 months ago). Oh...that guy? My ex-fiance who cheated on me, controlled me with jealous rage, and for the most part ripped away what little self esteem I did have?
Drunk nights will tall guys. Brilliant.

Fuckin' Cinderella bullshit we were brought up on. Yeah, that's gonna happen. But being alone sucks. Even with all of my failed relationships and the people I know in a train wreck marriage, I still have this little glimmer of hope that I am actually going to meet someone and truly be happy. How many times do I have to burn my hand on the stove before I figure out the stove is hot and it burns? It's always great at first. Sex is magical, you are so happy and can't wait to spend every waking minute together. After about 2 years familiarity breeds contempt. You get sick of each other, and whatever drew you to the asshole in the first place is what you now hate the most.
Not that I base my life around Hollywood movie star crap, but Ryan Phillipe cheating on Reese? What the f? Divorce her first. I don't think losing interest in someone makes you an ass, but cheating on your wife when you have two children and a very pulic life is beyond reproach. Get some balls dude....break up with her and go be with whoever you want. The ultimate betrayal. I found out my fiance cheated on me the night before he asked me to marry him and I actually convinced myself that it was okay because he doesn't have affairs. Just every now and then he needs to sleep with someone else. How pathetic. Guys have been trying to f me since I was 13, and I seem to have the ability to not cheat. I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself when I accepted the proposal that he would cheat occasionally, but since he was just "fucking them" it was okay. Can you say THERAPY? I don't even know if you will read this or care, but I am saving your blogs to my favorites as I figure one of two things must be true: Either I am okay because someone else feels like I do, or....we are both fucked up. Either way, thanks for making me feel better.

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