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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Size Matters

“So what’s he like anyway?”

It doesn’t take a genius to know what she was talking about. It doesn’t take much really, just a certain susceptibility to innuendos. Just the idea was enough to make me think, am I sure that I want things to continue with this man. The implication that he might not be good in the sack and suddenly I’m backing off. Now, that either makes me a complete slut, or it means that there is something really wrong with our society. Is it so important to be well endowed? Women seem divided in opinion. Some are of the opinion that it isn’t the size or shape, it’s what he does with it that counts. Others say its the thickness that’s important, and then there are some that say that a huge dick equals great sex.

I’m not sure what men think, I’m sure their opinions probably vary as their sizes vary, a man who is less endowed would probably maintain that it isn’t important while a well endowed man would say that it was. A lot of men seem to be under the impression that they are considerably larger than they are. Wishful thinking really. They’ll ask you whether you think they’re big and you can’t exactly say, “actually, I’ve seen bigger.” And you aren’t going to if you’re about to shag him, unless of course you are very drunk and in a particularly vidictive mood.

Romans (or some other people approximately around then) found it vulgar to see large phallus’s so in all their statues made small ones. And they had a lot of statues. But then going back waaaaay before then you get absolutely ginormous ones expressed in art. Like that chalk person, can’t remember the name now, the one carved on a hill. Anyway.

Everyone seems to have an obsession with size. Actually, everyone seems to have an obsession with cocks in general. I can understand it, but the size just seems over rated. If I hear that a guy is small I shouldn’t suddenly start to worry, it shouldn’t be important. Admittedly I don’t want anything more than a fling so whether he is a good shag is pretty important as its going to be practically the only part of the relationship. But size doesn’t really matter, the performance can be just as good whatever.


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