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Saturday, October 01, 2005 

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This is a girl of a meager twenty one years who spends most of her time contemplating things of little interest, or spouting views both religious, political and romantic that cause people to wince. Her two favourite things involve practically any flavour ice cream (though preferably pistachio) and men. She used to live in a little village just off the main road to everywhere else, where the only thing she found attractive about that arrangement was the erratically regular bus service. She subsequently got bored and shifted herself to the marginally bigger and much more interesting capital of Scotland. This situation at least means a fairly regular stream of Starbucks and a much better bus service.
Her two favourite songs in the whole world are Colourblind by Counting Crows, and Bittersweet symphony by The Verve. Though she is also quite happy to listen repeatedly to The Killers album Hot Fuss for hours on end.
In her writing Hatty endeavours to be either poetic, or at least grammatically correct. Unfortunately, upon most occasions this does not seem to be the case. She has a strong tendency towards introspection, and can get slightly hung up on the numptyness of men.
She has an extremely addictive personality and loves alcohol, dancing, and anywhere that involves both a little more than she should do. She comes from a family which can only be called dysfunctional, and attributes this as the reason for which she adores everything of what is best called a slightly strange persuasion.
She finds life is best looked at from a different perspective, so if you see her hanging upside down, or perched upon her wardrobe while writing, don’t be shocked. She is incredibly superstitious and can see signs in the most mundane things. She reads tarot cards relatively accurately, and lives in constant fear of coming up with death, the devil, and the lightening struck tower in one reading.
She has crazy friends, crazy boyfriends, and a crazy family. She is, in all respects, totally insane. But she enjoys it thoroughly, and if anyone tried to take it away from her she’d be the first and loudest to protest.


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  • An albatross can fly for thousands of miles without getting tired. I've always thought that love is similar to flying, therefore we should aspire to be like the albatross.

    I don't know if I can do that. So far I haven't been so lucky. But one day I'll test my wings with someone, and flying won't be so hard after all. Or so painful.
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    * In 2001 one New Zealand fishing boat killed over 300 seabirds in just one trip, while fishing for ling.
    * Each year over 300,000 seabirds are killed by longline fishing.
    * Over the past 60 years some albatross populations have declined by 90%.
    * Annually around 10,000 albatross and petrels are caught in New Zealand waters alone.
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