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Sunday, October 02, 2005 


I'm an emotional writer. I write what I think and feel at the time I feel it. Unfortunately I'm as constant as the tide and far more fickle. I'm also human. If I feel hurt then I'll lash out, I'll say things I don't mean, and though a lot of the things I say will generally be based on fact, they will also be twisted slightly in ways that make me feel better without actually taking the truth from them, but taking a lot away from an accurate interpretation of them.

The things that aren't straight facts. Those unfortunately, are either my own opinions, or other's. To take them as fact is as constructive as going out and jumping off a cliff because someone told you it was the best way to learn to fly. It probably is the best way to learn how to fly, but you also have to take into account that you weren't born with wings. Also, to take offense is silly. We were born to disagree with someone. You grow up fighting with siblings, parents, then when you're adult you fight with colleagues and partners as well. The reason world peace eludes us so brilliantly is simply the fact that we never agree with everyone. We rarely agree with someone. There are very few people who will agree with even the smallest amount of what I say, and I can't help that or change what I think because someone else thinks different. If I tried that then I wouldn't have the same viewpoint for longer than five minutes.

What I say isn't meant harmfully. It isn't meant to sway people towards my way of thinking, nor to deliberately cause contention. I'm not a leader of a political party, or an activist for Greenpeace. I'm not religious, or nonreligious, I am, in all essences, pretty much unremarkable. I have freedom of speech, and sometimes I use it. Disagree with me, close the window in which you are reading what I think, but don't send me abuse or take offence.

For purposes of anonymity, most of the names of people and places have either been left out, generalised, or changed. If any have been left in, or are so obvious that it doesn't matter, and you have a problem with that, then feel free to email me and I will delete either segments or the post in its entirety.

I enjoy feedback, and am more than willing to change my views to encompass another more persuasive argument. I'm open minded. So please, do not hesitate to contact me using the email address in the sidebar.

Thank you for your time.


Much of the greatest writing has offended people.

In my opinion you sound like youre on the right track! Well done :)

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