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Friday, October 28, 2005 


I tried to separate myself from blogger. I feared that if I had the same people reading the same things over and over again they would lose interest. There was also the horrific fear that they would become too close, they would work out who I was from the words that I sent out into the ether in my maddened state and need to express myself to others. So I searched for another host, one where I would be completely on unknown. It didn't work. I can't find anything that is pretty enough to justify changing my blog host. I'm not sure if blogger is even pretty enough to justify changing my blog.

In explanation, I have many things, blogs included. The number of blogs I now have is slightly stupid to be perfectly honest with you. This one is, of course new. But the last one I had was serious, it was good and it would have been perfect. But I prefer to be anonymous. It wasn't that, there were too many people who knew me, who could probably tell you exactly who I was talking about regardless of the names that I didn't say. Anonymity is important to me, maybe one day, if you read that far ahead, you will find out why. Somehow I doubt it. I can't be honest if I am worrying that someone will know all that I am talking about, therefore my secrets.

You can tell the world your secrets, but to know everything would be to hold the key to you. No one should hold that key.


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