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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

Senility of a sort

I did the `I’m going for men the same age as me´ thing, and I think now its time to give up on that. It just isn’t a match that is ever going to work for either of us. I go out with them, get bored, and move on. And yes, admittedly I have had some problem with dating guys significantly older too. No names needed but he was so irritating that even the fact he had a Jag and was smitten enough to offer me diving lessons couldn’t keep me interested. But I am going to swallow every post-date thing I said about older men being awful, and write him off as an anomaly that can be avoided in future.

Translated: from now on I’m only shagging older men. I realise that age has absolutely no relation to maturity; that isn’t why I’m making this decision. I just feel that older men are more attractive, and they sort of make me feel virginal compared which is pleasant. I feel like the little girl dressed up in her mother’s high heels with prostitute-red lipstick plastered across my lips. I don’t know why that imagery is attractive to me, but the idea is seductive in more ways than one.

I’ve been doing some research unintentionally by hanging around places I am likely to meet fathers rather than people my own age. At the start it drove me crazy; I guess it still does to a certain extent. But then I realised that okay, the idea of falling for a daddy is ridiculous, as long as he’s still married. But the older you get, the more sensual you get, and the better I get treated. And you never need to check to see if they’ve remembered to bring their ID.

Evidently I’m going senile being forced to go to mother and toddler groups, kindergarten, and food shopping. Food shopping is more than enough to push anyone over the edge- have you seen the crazed people in there fighting over the lettuce and making innuendos to each other about baked beans? And living in the middle of nowhere with no means of transport is putting a serious dint in my social life (boyfriends) that I would normally expect to be having right now.

So I admit it. I’m definitely going crazy. But just look at Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Depp, Sean Connery (possibly a bit too old now)- they’re attractive, mature, and they make me feel a little less crazy than I felt ten minutes ago.


A thing for the older chap, eh?

*Straightens tie, smoothes down hair, remembers the way to Hatty's affections*

"Excuse me madam, could I possibly buy you three drinks?"

Older men are also more in a pattern that can be impossible to break...which is not always a good thing.

I used to be attracted to older men myself when I was younger, but at some point the age difference got evened out and today I'm actually 2 years older than Robin (Greywulf). We will always be "older" than most men, but I think that we always fall for the men we identify with dad. One way or the other. Heck, I even married a man (and divorced) that looked and acted like dad. Stupid mistake.

And older men are usually about divorces, grocery shopping, kids from earlier relationships/marriages and living in the middle of nowhere.
But yeah, Johnny Depp is getting better the older he gets.
Wish that was true about us women too :p

Colonel: Oh my god! That was aaaaaages ago! How do you remember that?

Christa: Its just a phase, I go through far too many. But it could never be serious so their patterns, etc don't matter so much. Eventually the right person will say those three words and it won't matter about age, or whatever. But for now i'm going to keep it just frivolous enough to ignore the psychology and whatever else behind it, and just try to have fun.

And you will always have phases to go through :p Well, in that case, just ignore me and carry on ;)

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