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Sunday, February 12, 2006 

The Perfect Card

My feet hurt and all I wanted to do was curl into a ball, or maybe go around poking happy people with a big stick. But still I was forced to trawl the shops for the perfect valentines day card. Happy couples suck because they walk around with a big grin on their faces making everyone else feel crap because they haven't had sex for (insert period of however long here) days/ months. I've spent a lot of time single and have learnt to seriously hate coupled up people. Especially my friends. If one friend is in a couple then all of them should be paired up. Otherwise it just isn't fair. They get that smug look on their face and all they want to do is tell you about the different positions that caused them pleasure the night before. And, christ, you're interested in a slightly massachistic way because you aren't getting any yourself. It's all incredibly sad.

It gets worse around valentines day though. You get dragged round the shops to look for that perfect valentines day card that manages to say that you really care for them, but not necessarily that you love them because it's too early in the relationship to say that yet. But you can't choose a card that is too obviously saying "I don't love you" in case they get you a card that says "I love you" and you feel bad for not saying it back, and really stupid for caring so much about what a dumb valentines card says.

Last year I suffered valentines day blues. This year I've managed to avoid that particular hell. For once, shock horror, I'm not going to be single on valentines day. But, to be honest, being in a relationship isn't much better. I still completely despise the whole holiday for its materialistic reasons, and also because love sucks so much, why would anyone want to celebrate it? If you're completely smitten with someone then, okay, its not a bad holiday. But I'm not smitten, I just really really like him. And I do NOT need a holiday to confirm that. If I was married and bored then I wouldn't like valentines day, it'll still just be a pointless holiday to make card companies a shitload of money for no particular reason.

It isn't fair. If you're in love then you don't need a day to reinforce that. If you aren't in love then it just depresses you as its a reminder of that. It's stressful and pointless. Romance doesn't happen to me, it happens to other people. So why should I be forced to endure valentines day?

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