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Saturday, May 06, 2006 


Woke up and the phone was ringing. Looked at the clock, ten thirty. On a Saturday morning. Caller ID: Ryan. Huh??? Do I know someone called Ryan?

"Hi, do you remember me from last night?" deep male voice. Ah.

It was eleven o clock. Katy had phoned her mum and we had half an hour before we had to go home. Why do I suddenly have a flashback to when I was fifteen? Katy had had too much to drink, and wasn't really up to standing up without leaning on something, and dancing was out of the question. I was still sober.

He was shorter than I usually go for. By five inches. Actually, that isn't fair. I have a history of adoring men who are stupidly tall. The last three were 6'5'', 6'4'' and 6'3''. He was the acceptably average height of approximately 5'11''. The same height as me in heels basically. Dark hair, maybe a seven out of ten. An extra few inches and we could up that to an eight and a half. Though I usually make a point of avoiding men who have piercings, especially two. But they were on his ear (one ear, not a piercing per ear). I'm not sure how acceptable that is. His defining feature was that he was watching me like cats watch ducklings with broken wings.

He'd walked past me a few times with solid eye contact, but we'd been there for about forty five minutes and it looked like it'd take him at least that again before he got the nerve to come and talk to me. I hate men like that. Though apparently not enough to stop myself from turning to Katy, "I'll be back in a minute."

Edged myself in between his friends, "Hi, I'm Harriet. You got a girlfriend?"
Large smile, "I'm Ryan, and no I don't. You got a boyfriend?"
"No. I..." changed my mind about admitting how recent that particular change in social status was. The last thing I want people to think is that I'm on the rebound.
He looked shocked and puts his arm around me, "Really? I can't believe that. Are you sure a girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend? I've been watching you for the last two hours."

He obviously wasn't much of one for accuracy as I hadn't been there for two hours, but I gave him my number anyway and left with a falling over Katy. He's going back to work on Tuesday. I don't know where work is for him, but I'm assuming that it means that I won't see him for a while. The information I got was sketchy due to him having absolutely no reception wherever he was calling from, and also the fact that he was horrifically hung over. He wants to see me before Tuesday.

There's a house across the way from me. The guy who lives in it pulled last night. I know this because we're directly opposite and there is a girl standing in the window in a top that she quite obviously was wearing last night, applying make up. I miss that guy laughing at me when I said goodbye on the doorstep to Dave on a Saturday morning. The privacy isn't spectacular for anyone around here. But I miss having reason to wish that it was better. Later I'll laugh at him.

A relationship is the last thing that I'm going to allow myself to get into at the minute. But celibacy is pretty high on the list of things that I don't wish to be at the minute as well. So maybe I'll see Ryan before Tuesday. He's nice, and he phoned me at half ten in the morning. The morning after I met him. He's either insane or extremely interested.

I need some kind of distraction, and if he takes the form of a distraction for me then, for a while, that might be alright.


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